SafePay is easy to use and gives you a simple and secure solution for payments.

Transparent Flexible Easy to use

Payments Made Safe

Use your agreement to define a minimum SafePay balance that will be required throughout the job and create transparency with your freelancer. When you put money in SafePay, your freelancer sees that funds are available, and you can have confidence knowing — you will have the opportunity to review work before paying.

SafePay — Your Way

Funds in SafePay are not directly connected to any one thing. Money in SafePay is there for you to use however you need it — pay for tasks, milestones, hours, miscellaneous work, or even bonuses — it's up to you. We know things don't always go as planned. Whatever surprises come your way — SafePay has the flexibility you need to stay ahead.

Easily Pay for Work

Turn on AutoFund and keep your job funded and moving forward. You can make payments manually, or use AutoPay to pay invoices automatically — whatever feels right for you. If an issue comes up that you can't resolve our Dispute Resolution Service is available.

It's easy, simple and full of flexibility — empowering you to truly